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The Wicksteed Charitable Trust

What is the Wicksteed Charitable Trust?

The Wicksteed Trust was established by Charles Wicksteed in 1916  to carry out his work after his death and to keep his dream alive.

The Wicksteed Charitable Trust 's objectives are: 

  • Charitable purposes for the benefit of people resident, but not exclusively, in Kettering and its neighbourhood, in particular the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare to improve the conditions of life of the users of such facilities.

The Trust continues to achieve its objectives by:

  • Providing free access to open spaces conducive to health.  These open spaces comprise gardens, an arboretum and parkland at Wicksteed Park.
  • The operation of a leisure park through its wholly owned subsidary company Wicksteed Park Limited.  The leisure park is situated within Wicksteed Park.

Grant Making Policy

Wicksteed Park, including the leisure park within its grounds, operated by its trading subsidiary, is the main activity the Trust supports to meet its objectives.  From time to time the Trustees consider applications from Wicksteed Park Limited for grants to maintain and or improve those facilities.

The Wicksteed Trustees annually review these objectives to ensure that any activity that is being carried out is related to at least one of them.

For further information regarding the Wicksteed Charitable Trust  please contact:
Mr Oliver Wicksteed, Chairman,
Wicksteed Charitable Trust , Wicksteed Park,
Barton Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6NJ.
Wicksteed Charitable Trust  is registered as a charity No. 1142103

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